Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Administrators at WikiPedia

January 12, 2010

Jimmy Wales
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.
149 New Montgomery Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105

Reference: WikiPedia Administrators - Kralizec!, Toddst1, and Agent Smith

Mr. Wales:

I joined WikiPedia because I believe in the values (Freedom, Accessibility, Commitment to Openness and Diversity) that is set forth, and I wanted to share content that I believe merits notability. I am new to WikiPedia and from the short time I have learned that WikiPedia has a vast number of volunteers, some welcoming and some not. I am writing because I am appalled to how WikiPedia is administered and content reviewed, that is with ruthless discriminating values to the information that is accepted and can be a form of censorship.

I have only written two pages in WikiPedia, Gardeopatra G. Quijano and Gedeon G. Quijano. What strikes me about the reviews in WikiPedia’s website is the nature to which information is reviewed, that is hastily and administered to the liking of the administrators themselves who hide behind their user name. Administrators that only use their user names are not accountable for their actions, because they are hidden from the public. Administrators are publicly performing jobs the serves public information written by the people. This gives them the power in WikiPedia to ban certain content or censor, which in itself denies Freedom, Accessibility, and Openness and Diversity. The power to ban or block users without fair justification or review is unjustly, and the authority to delete content without thorough research assumes notoriety. I have noticed that international content is not fairly reviewed, example content from the Philippines as Gedeon G. Quijano, due to the lack of knowledge by the administrators and/or reviewer on a particular culture or history. Being accused of vandalism to your own work, which has not been changed or updated by another person, is not justified. I tried to remove my own content to redirect to a new page, which the function is granted by users. If this is wrong, then I deserved the block. Administrators and reviewers on the other hand have a greater responsibility, because they are gatekeepers and act as editors. Their actions to collaborate and use their authority to block legitimate content was unprofessional and I construe to be censorship. I am requesting to have my account and IP unblocked.

Your response is greatly appreciated.



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